Sunday, January 03, 2010

Welcome Back....!

Hi all,

So, I haven't updated this blog since... I can't recall. Felt super duper 'layzie' to update this blog. But, hey... I'm back again! This doesn't mean that I'm quitting from blogging forever. It just that, it'll be not more often like before.

It's new year again. Another wasted time has passed. Why wasted time?? I called it wasted cuz I haven't achieved anything that I've been dreaming of yet... and what's my dream? Getting a JOB. Yeahh, I know, it's not my time/luck/'rezeki' yet, but as time passed by, I felt more and more worried about my future. What I'm gonna be in next 2-3 years? Will I ever get the dream job? Actually, I myself couldn't find out what exactly I really, really want in my life. Or in other word, my MISSION and VISION. This is totally serious for a 23-year old woman like me.

In the year of 2010, I wish that I could learn and understand what is the exact meaning of life, what I really, really want to achieve in my life and most of all, get a job that I am dreaming of. And to all my friends who are still searching for the real meaning of life, hope we can make it.

Hasta Pronto!


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  1. caiyok2 wanie.. satu hari nanti pasti ada rezeki. :)